About Us


 Our Moms Best was founded in 2014 and is located in Hampstead, North Carolina. I started this business out of a sense of nostalgia.  I realized that my mother was growing older and the recipes that had been passed down from my grandmother to my mother, me, my daughter and even my grandson were getting lost in this world of quick processed, high fructose corn syrup foods.

Our Mom’s Best specialize in the finest pepper products using the lowest possible amount of sugar and the freshest local organic and naturally grown produce. Our flavor profile goes from Mild to Wild  giving you the pleasure and the ability to taste and enjoy your food. 
Our chemical free jellies contain 60% less sugar than conventional pepper jellies,  and could be called a pepper butter because peppers or the fruit is the first ingredient in our jellies, relishes and pesto not sugar!
Note to the 1 or 2% of the population that are true “Ghost Pepper Hot Heads” we suggest you try our offerings and enjoy the savory flavors instead of just the burn! 
As consumers we expect nothing but the best ingredients, great customer service and value. We strive to provide you the best products and service at a good value while sharing a touch of our home with you.