Red Hot Pepper Jelly

Red Hot Pepper Jelly

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Red Hot Pepper Jelly from Our Moms Best – (red) This Pepper Jelly is a sweet yet fiery blend of Red Bell, jalapeño, and habanero pepper.  This is a traditional Hot Pepper jelly with low sugar and pepper being the first ingredient. The peppers give a natural reddish orange color to our jelly not food coloring.  On a fiery scale of 1-10 it is a 7 or 8 depending upon your taste buds.  This is typically or hottest jelly offering.


This Red Hot Peppery Jelly is great on everything from glazes on vegetables and meats to a topping on ice cream. It makes for a quick and easy appetizer when spooned over on cream cheese or brie. Use a dipping sauce for chicken fingers, shrimp, or whatever your imagination envisions. Stir fry chicken or pork, add vegetables and heat with this pepper jelly for a sweet and spicy Chinese dinner.


Ingredients:  Red peppers, Jalapeño peppers, Habanero pepper, white vinegar, sugar, 100% citrus fruit pectin.


Net 9oz